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“I’m losing my hair!” is the terrifying reaction of any person that looks in the mirror and sees their once flamboyant mane decaying into a pathetic display of thinning threads. This is not only an indication of a degenerating metabolism it is also a sign of getting older, which makes this medical condition appear even more depressing.

However, in Provillus both men and women can find a reliable hair growth treatment that allows them to live the later stages of their lives with dignity and confidence.

First signs of hair loss

There are several types of hair loss, with Alopecia areata being the most common condition encountered in men and women in equal ratios. The first symptoms appear as an intense presence of dandruff and rashes that develop on the sufferer’s scalp. These are clear signs that the body has a damaging deficiency of nutrients like magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. The adequate levels for each of these substances can be restored with the use of a natural remedy like Provillus, which patients can take on a daily basis as a dietary supplement. In fact, just one serving (2 capsules) contains a rich dose of minerals and vitamins that properly nourish the body for 24 hours straight.

Other signs of hair loss include barren spots that surface on the scalp in various areas. For men, the most common type of balding appears in the form of a horseshoe as the threads around the temples stop growing and the forehead doubles in size. Women struggle with a similar condition, only that their thinning hair gives way to large portions of the scalp being visible. Unfortunately, some of them resort to chemical dyes in order to mask their imperfection, which only deprecates the hair follicles even more.

To ensure a natural hair regrowth, both men and women need to take a supplement rich in minoxidil, a natural substance that regenerates the dead cells responsible for hair production. Provillus is produced in two versions, one for each gender, that both contain a large dose of this healthy nutrient. As men tend to lose hair faster, the product dedicated to them contains 5% minoxidil, while the one aimed to combat balding for women contains only 2% of it.

Provillus is the best solution for hair growth

Hair loss crashes a person’s self-confidence and good mood, and it can even lead to chronic depression if it is left untreated. Provillus can keep these psychological issues at bay through a powerful mix that keeps the energy levels running high and enhances happiness in patients. Therefore, people who are looking to restore their crowning glory or obtain thicker hair with stronger roots can keep a smile on their face during the whole duration of treatment.

Actually, this remedy has proven to be so effective in restoring and maintaining overall health that more than 85% of its consumers have kept the habit of taking two capsules per day long after their condition has improved.

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