List of natural supplements for hair growth

The market of hair growth supplements is an intricate maze of placebo traps and fake solutions that will have you tear the last threads on your scalp before finding a reliable formula against baldness.

Fortunately for you, we took the time to sort through the endless selection of hair regrowth methods and neatly arranged in a list only the ones worth testing. Read on to find out which natural supplement can help you regain your luscious, thick mane!

Provillus for sustained hair growth

Grow hair naturally

A clinical study from the Harvard Medical School suggests that dietary supplements for hair regrowth are completely harmless for your health. One such formula that is among the safest solutions for baldness on the market is Provillus.

Provillus is an all-natural supplement pill that incorporates herbal extracts and follicle-reviving substances in a clinically tested program for hair loss. All the ingredients in this unique composition come from organic sources and are medically certified to help reduce symptoms of male and female pattern baldness.

When it comes to natural supplements for hair growth, it is difficult to find more efficient methods than Provillus. This one-of-a-kind formula for bald spots and thinning threads should restore your youthful crowning glory in just a few months of daily intake and free of adverse side effects.

Biotin-rich supplements

If you are in the market for a reliable solution for hair loss, you might want to give biotin-rich supplements a try. Biotin is a coenzyme responsible for the well-being of your hair, skin, and nails. Although it occurs naturally in your body, you gradually lose the ability to produce enough of it as you grow old.

The good news is that you can get the rest of biotin needed for hair regrowth from supplements that have a potent dose of it.

For example, Provillus for men contains 5.0mg of biotin in every daily dose, which is 2.0mg more than a guy suffering from male pattern baldness needs. The product version for women has no less than 13mg of biotin, which is more than enough to reduce hair loss during periods of pregnancy or illness.

Minoxidil-based solutions

Another organic solution with a crucial role in promoting and sustaining healthy hair growth is minoxidil. Several clinical studies such as this one suggest that you can alleviate baldness symptoms and early alopecia areata by taking a minoxidil-based supplement regularly.

Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels and allows for more oxygen and nutrients to travel through your body at a highly efficient speed. This process delivers more nourishing vitamins and minerals to your scalp follicles, which in turn produce more threads to slow down a receding hairline.

Provillus is your go-to hair regrowth solution when it comes to minoxidil-rich formulas for baldness. This dietary supplement is 5% minoxidil only in the product version dedicated to balding men. The alternative pills for women who struggle with androgenetic alopecia have only 2% minoxidil, which is just enough to strengthen the thinning threads at the crown.

Herbal oils and natural extracts

Before you check every hair regrowth supplement out there for minoxidil and biotin quantities, remember that there are a few more items that you should find on their ingredients’ labels.

Healthy and sustained hair growth is possible through a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your follicles need to receive more than just biotin and minoxidil. They require Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and other precious nutrients.

Fortunately, you can find all the necessary natural ingredients combined in one single hair regrowth supplement called Provillus. This safe and easy-to-use formula for baldness blends herbal oils, plant extracts, and other organic elements to help you reduce the side effects of hair loss in the long run.

Best hair loss solution

“I’m losing my hair!” is the terrifying reaction of any person that looks in the mirror and sees their once flamboyant mane decaying into a pathetic display of thinning threads. This is not only an indication of a degenerating metabolism it is also a sign of getting older, which makes this medical condition appear even more depressing.

However, in Provillus both men and women can find a reliable hair growth treatment that allows them to live the later stages of their lives with dignity and confidence.

First signs of hair loss

There are several types of hair loss, with Alopecia areata being the most common condition encountered in men and women in equal ratios. The first symptoms appear as an intense presence of dandruff and rashes that develop on the sufferer’s scalp. These are clear signs that the body has a damaging deficiency of nutrients like magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. The adequate levels for each of these substances can be restored with the use of a natural remedy like Provillus, which patients can take on a daily basis as a dietary supplement. In fact, just one serving (2 capsules) contains a rich dose of minerals and vitamins that properly nourish the body for 24 hours straight.

Other signs of hair loss include barren spots that surface on the scalp in various areas. For men, the most common type of balding appears in the form of a horseshoe as the threads around the temples stop growing and the forehead doubles in size. Women struggle with a similar condition, only that their thinning hair gives way to large portions of the scalp being visible. Unfortunately, some of them resort to chemical dyes in order to mask their imperfection, which only deprecates the hair follicles even more.

To ensure a natural hair regrowth, both men and women need to take a supplement rich in minoxidil, a natural substance that regenerates the dead cells responsible for hair production. Provillus is produced in two versions, one for each gender, that both contain a large dose of this healthy nutrient. As men tend to lose hair faster, the product dedicated to them contains 5% minoxidil, while the one aimed to combat balding for women contains only 2% of it.

Provillus is the best solution for hair growth

Hair loss crashes a person’s self-confidence and good mood, and it can even lead to chronic depression if it is left untreated. Provillus can keep these psychological issues at bay through a powerful mix that keeps the energy levels running high and enhances happiness in patients. Therefore, people who are looking to restore their crowning glory or obtain thicker hair with stronger roots can keep a smile on their face during the whole duration of treatment.

Actually, this remedy has proven to be so effective in restoring and maintaining overall health that more than 85% of its consumers have kept the habit of taking two capsules per day long after their condition has improved.

Medical conditions that cause hair loss

People struggling with baldness or spotted hair loss are actually experiencing an autoimmune syndrome that places their scalp follicles in a dormant state and virtually unable to produce new threads. In just a few years after developing this illness, a person can lose some or all of its hair volume.

The causes for this happening can be traced to hereditary genes, stress or aging, but to more serious medical conditions as well. An internal disease can be assessed and treated by a doctor, but to relieve the patient from the mental pain brought by losing their hair, Provillus has come up with a unique, potent formula that restores their crowning glory in a natural manner.

Medical conditions that induce Alopecia

Baldness is a common thing for individuals who are well into their 70’s and 80’s. However, when this deprecatory condition affects a younger person it is a sign that they are suffering from an internal disease. More than often, hair loss can be connected with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart-related illnesses. Even if the patients are following a treatment meant to cure these ailments, it is highly probable that their hair will not return to its initial state unless a proper regenerative supplement is used.

The best solution in this case would be Provillus, a remedy that contains only natural vitamins and nutrients as well as herbal extracts proven to revive follicles from their anesthesia-like state.

Other reasons for which hair stops growing can lie within skin inflammations and fungus that can take hold of one’s scalp. One of these is Tinea capitis, a cutaneous infection also known as “ringworm of the hair”. This disgusting disease invades the hair shaft and eats its way down to the cells located underneath the epidermis to completely eliminate hair in broad patches across the scalp.

To escape this horrible condition, the patient has to undergo a strong antibiotic treatment that alleviates the pain and terminates the infection, but one that does not help the hair grow back. Here is where Provillus steps in to take the remedial action to full completion by nourishing the body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that ensure a natural and effective hair regrowth.

Provillus heals hair loss caused by an illness

After surviving diseases it is crucial that you try repairing as many damages as possible from the ones caused by them. In such cases, hair loss is one that affects recuperating patients who are now faced with a complete transformation of their former looks. Going bald can affect their confidence and self-esteem as well as developing an initial stage of depression.

To solve this problem, doctors recommend a constant intake of Provillus, a remedy that brings back the initial hair volume and keeps up their positive mood along the way. More than 80% of recovering patients have managed to obtain a natural hair regrowth in just six months of treatment.

More than that, the vitamins and mineral compounds contained in this supplement have helped them restore their overall health faster.

Medication for hair loss vs. natural remedies

More and more people are affected by hair loss (alopecia) every year. Some old-fashioned healers would recommend these unfortunate sufferers a long string of natural remedies and regular head massages to escape their ailment. However, real doctors who care about their patients’ health will always recommend medication in the form of a natural supplement that can cure them in the comforts of their own homes.

It is the case of Provillus, a 100% efficient hair regrowth treatment that has been endorsed by esteemed members of the medical staff from some of the most prestigious institutions from across the world.

Natural remedies fail to cure hair loss

To regain their initial hair volume, many people resort to old remedies which for centuries were believed to restore a person’s natural mane. Some of these include oils and chutneys made from the most unusual fruits and vegetables like coconuts, onions and fennel. Patients are required to rub their hair with these chunky sauces a few times per day. Unfortunately for them, all they obtain is a nasty smell emanating from their heads that repulses everyone they come in contact with.

As a nature-sourced treatment for hair loss, Provillus too contains herbal essences and fruit extracts, but it also contains minerals and vitamins that would never be able to reach your follicles through a head massage. Also, a daily intake of just two of these capsules is odorless and virtually untraceable by anyone you meet.

Hair loss is generated by several factors like aging, excessive smoking, genetics or scalp infections among others. The first signs of alopecia are thinner threads, small patches of baldness covering the scalp and a growing amount of hair stuck on the brush every day. If these symptoms are not addressed, you could soon become completely bald. Applying decoctions to your hair will probably fail in stalling this process and even accelerate it.

To maintain stable hair regrowth all you have to do is to consume a dietary supplement that contains minoxidil. This clinically tested substance is a natural reviver of dead follicles and it can restore your threads in record time. Provillus contains a healthy dose of 5% minoxidil in the product developed for men and 2% in the one created for women. This difference derives from the genetic diversity that enables women to assimilate minoxidil easier and faster than men.

Provillus is the best medication against alopecia

Modern medicine has made it possible for bald people to regain their lost hair through simple remedies which they can take at home. By taking a constant dose of Provillus, they can avoid expensive surgeries, chemical treatments or natural cure-all antidotes prescribed by the village’s elders. This dietary supplement activates the dormant follicles under the scalp and helps them produce thicker threads with stronger, reliable roots. Over 95% of our consumers have declared their satisfaction with this product once they have witnessed the positive results brought by just six months of daily intake.

Natural cure for Alopecia

Healthy people have more than 150,000 hairs on their head and they lose between 75 and 100 of them every day. In order to keep a regular amount, the body has to produce the same number of threads in the same time period. When this process fails, a medical condition known as Alopecia takes hold of the scalp and slowly but surely annihilates the follicles responsible for hair growth. The men and women who are struggling with baldness need to take a regenerating supplement like Provillus. This is a 100% effective treatment that bases its remedial action on natural nutrients only.

Provillus fights off Alopecia

When they notice the first signs of going bald, most people go on an unhealthy frenzy of trying every hair regrowth treatment that they encounter. More than often this does more damage than good to both their body and their budget. There are many products advertised as highly effective remedies against Alopecia, but most of them are fake solutions composed of chemicals and synthetic substances. More than that, they are very expensive and may even cause bankruptcy to an already depressed sufferer. With Provillus, however, patients can benefit from a mix of natural elements that restore their mane in record time and keep their body constantly nourished. Its low cost also ensures that growing thicker hair does not equal losing all your money.

Provillus is a proficient treatment against alopecia especially because it contains minoxidil, an FDA approved substance that scientists indicated as a natural booster of hair growth. Baldness affects men and women differently, with the former experiencing this condition earlier in their lives. This is the main criteria that encouraged doctors to separate this remedy into two versions, one with 5% minoxidil developed especially for men and one with just 2% of this element for women. It is imperative that patients take the alternative which suits their gender to maximize the benefits provided by this product.

Grow back your hair with a natural cure

In order to combat alopecia effectively, your body needs a healthy intake of minerals and vitamins every day. Since it is almost impossible to obtain it from regular foods, a full meal should include a powerful supplement like Provillus. These pills contain high doses of nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc and biotin together with a proprietary blend of herbs and fruits that have been proven to boost metabolism and force follicles into producing new hairs with stronger roots.

Since the whole process of growing back your hair takes place in a natural way but at a higher pace, you could notice the first signs after just a few months of use. Over 92% of Provillus consumers have seen their hair regain its volume after six months of constant treatment that involves taking 2 capsules per day with one of your meals. To maintain the health of your follicles and ensure that your hair will keep growing stronger and thicker, it is recommended that you continue taking the daily dose a few months more after achieving full hair regrowth.

Provillus side effects

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. This condition has a varied number of symptoms and forms that affect middle-aged men and women as well. Fortunately, with the use of a nature-sourced remedy like Provillus, this deteriorating illness can be stopped and hair can be regenerated to full health and thickness.

Is Provillus a viable treatment for hair loss?

Most men in their late thirties experience the first signs of hair loss. A closer look in the mirror can show them just how thin their threads have become and how in some parts of their scalp the hair has ceased its natural growth. These symptoms may be caused by hereditary genes, improper dieting or stress. These are also clues given by a body that needs more vitamins and nutrients to increase the running rate of its metabolism. If you find yourself in this situation, Provillus for Men can take care of all your body’s deficiencies through a highly-effective formula that nourishes your scalp with the right enzymes necessary for hair regrowth. As this remedy is composed of herbal extracts and natural substances only, it will activate a positive process of regeneration for all the dying follicles on your head.

Contrary to general belief, women experience balding almost as much as men do. This usually happens during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. The main cause behind it is a hormonal imbalance that affects the hair-producing cells on their scalp, which leads to thinning hair especially around the temples. The follicles in this area become oversensitive and cease their functioning if they are not backed by a powerful supplement like Provillus for Women. A consistent treatment of this dietary supplement can maintain natural hair production even during the stressful periods of hormonal disturbance.

Does hair regrowth come with any side effects?

Provillus has been successfully used by thousands of men and women struggling with hair loss. Until now there have been no side effects recorded and over 95% of the patients have experienced a consistent regeneration of their threads, which started growing longer and thicker. As many doctors would agree, as long as the dietary supplements we consume come from natural elements that are easily assimilated by our body, it is highly unlikely to experience any type of harmful consequences.

This product is the result of multiple medical tests that stretched over a good number of years. Once its remedial properties have been proven, Provillus became the first hair growth treatment on the market to be composed of just herbal extracts, natural minerals and substances. No chemical enzymes or synthetic compounds have been used in creating a highly-potent formula that restores and maintains a person’s natural, luscious mane.

Hair loss is a common medical condition that does not pose any health threats in its initial stages. However, it is a clear sign that the internal organs and chemical reactions are not performing regularly and without proper attention balding can lead to serious illnesses. By using Provillus on a constant basis you make sure that your hair grows naturally and that your body is provided with a high amount of nutrients and healthy vitamins.