How it works

Provillus is an extremely powerful hair growth treatment. A combination of herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins create a natural regeneration formula that cures baldness safely and efficiently.

Every person that suffers from severe hair loss approaches a new treatment with the usual caution of someone who has spent many years trying promising remedies that eventually turned out to be ineffective. However, after trying Provillus all their fears are diminished, especially after finding out how it works and just how fast it regenerates the luscious mane of thick, long hair that once adorned their head.

The Benefits of using Provillus

Hair grows at different pace for one person to another. The medium rate is of 1 inch every month. However, due to various causes like aging, dietary habits or hormonal oscillations, the follicles responsible for producing these threads decrease their activity or stop working. This process is not irreversible, but in order to resurrect the dead cells you need to provide your body with a high quantity of nutrients and vitamins obtained from natural sources. Provillus is a clinically tested remedy that contains the right combination of ingredients necessary to restore your follicles to maximum health.

Balding is a medical condition that occurs gradually and one of its first signs is thinning hair. If you take Provillus as soon as you notice this symptom, you will not only reduce the chances of going bald, but you will also strengthen the roots of your hair, making it harder to break and fall. You do not have to wait until broad patches of baldness take control over your scalp or until your forehead doubles in size. Prevention is the key here, and if you choose this natural treatment as a dietary supplement you will maintain the health of your scalp and also a highly efficient metabolism.

How long does it take?

This is the first question that pops on the lips of every new Provillus consumer. Although this remedy has been proven to regenerate hair at a faster rate than any other treatments available on the market, it is not a miracle worker and it will not grow your hair back overnight. It all boils down to how fast your body will assimilate the intake of nutrients and vitamins provided by this supplement. For over 60% of our customers this happened in 90 days, but it may take longer if you live an unhealthy lifestyle deprived of a proper diet and exercising.

The secret behind Provillus’ rapid action is its high amount of minoxidil. This is an FDA approved substance that stimulates hair growth and forces the dead cells to reactivate their hair-producing properties. Besides this ingredient, healthy doses of vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc and biotin are included to provide you with nourishing elements that keep you healthy and upbeat during the treatment period.

In fact, over 85% of our consumers have continued their daily Provillus intake long after they have regained their hair. This is also recommended by doctors who endorse this product, as there are no side effects to consuming a supplement that is produced from natural ingredients only.

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