Medical conditions that cause hair loss

People struggling with baldness or spotted hair loss are actually experiencing an autoimmune syndrome that places their scalp follicles in a dormant state and virtually unable to produce new threads. In just a few years after developing this illness, a person can lose some or all of its hair volume.

The causes for this happening can be traced to hereditary genes, stress or aging, but to more serious medical conditions as well. An internal disease can be assessed and treated by a doctor, but to relieve the patient from the mental pain brought by losing their hair, Provillus has come up with a unique, potent formula that restores their crowning glory in a natural manner.

Medical conditions that induce Alopecia

Baldness is a common thing for individuals who are well into their 70’s and 80’s. However, when this deprecatory condition affects a younger person it is a sign that they are suffering from an internal disease. More than often, hair loss can be connected with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart-related illnesses. Even if the patients are following a treatment meant to cure these ailments, it is highly probable that their hair will not return to its initial state unless a proper regenerative supplement is used.

The best solution in this case would be Provillus, a remedy that contains only natural vitamins and nutrients as well as herbal extracts proven to revive follicles from their anesthesia-like state.

Other reasons for which hair stops growing can lie within skin inflammations and fungus that can take hold of one’s scalp. One of these is Tinea capitis, a cutaneous infection also known as “ringworm of the hair”. This disgusting disease invades the hair shaft and eats its way down to the cells located underneath the epidermis to completely eliminate hair in broad patches across the scalp.

To escape this horrible condition, the patient has to undergo a strong antibiotic treatment that alleviates the pain and terminates the infection, but one that does not help the hair grow back. Here is where Provillus steps in to take the remedial action to full completion by nourishing the body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that ensure a natural and effective hair regrowth.

Provillus heals hair loss caused by an illness

After surviving diseases it is crucial that you try repairing as many damages as possible from the ones caused by them. In such cases, hair loss is one that affects recuperating patients who are now faced with a complete transformation of their former looks. Going bald can affect their confidence and self-esteem as well as developing an initial stage of depression.

To solve this problem, doctors recommend a constant intake of Provillus, a remedy that brings back the initial hair volume and keeps up their positive mood along the way. More than 80% of recovering patients have managed to obtain a natural hair regrowth in just six months of treatment.

More than that, the vitamins and mineral compounds contained in this supplement have helped them restore their overall health faster.

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