Natural cure for Alopecia

Healthy people have more than 150,000 hairs on their head and they lose between 75 and 100 of them every day. In order to keep a regular amount, the body has to produce the same number of threads in the same time period. When this process fails, a medical condition known as Alopecia takes hold of the scalp and slowly but surely annihilates the follicles responsible for hair growth. The men and women who are struggling with baldness need to take a regenerating supplement like Provillus. This is a 100% effective treatment that bases its remedial action on natural nutrients only.

Provillus fights off Alopecia

When they notice the first signs of going bald, most people go on an unhealthy frenzy of trying every hair regrowth treatment that they encounter. More than often this does more damage than good to both their body and their budget. There are many products advertised as highly effective remedies against Alopecia, but most of them are fake solutions composed of chemicals and synthetic substances. More than that, they are very expensive and may even cause bankruptcy to an already depressed sufferer. With Provillus, however, patients can benefit from a mix of natural elements that restore their mane in record time and keep their body constantly nourished. Its low cost also ensures that growing thicker hair does not equal losing all your money.

Provillus is a proficient treatment against alopecia especially because it contains minoxidil, an FDA approved substance that scientists indicated as a natural booster of hair growth. Baldness affects men and women differently, with the former experiencing this condition earlier in their lives. This is the main criteria that encouraged doctors to separate this remedy into two versions, one with 5% minoxidil developed especially for men and one with just 2% of this element for women. It is imperative that patients take the alternative which suits their gender to maximize the benefits provided by this product.

Grow back your hair with a natural cure

In order to combat alopecia effectively, your body needs a healthy intake of minerals and vitamins every day. Since it is almost impossible to obtain it from regular foods, a full meal should include a powerful supplement like Provillus. These pills contain high doses of nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc and biotin together with a proprietary blend of herbs and fruits that have been proven to boost metabolism and force follicles into producing new hairs with stronger roots.

Since the whole process of growing back your hair takes place in a natural way but at a higher pace, you could notice the first signs after just a few months of use. Over 92% of Provillus consumers have seen their hair regain its volume after six months of constant treatment that involves taking 2 capsules per day with one of your meals. To maintain the health of your follicles and ensure that your hair will keep growing stronger and thicker, it is recommended that you continue taking the daily dose a few months more after achieving full hair regrowth.

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