With the first signs of hair loss most people are faced with a rapid decrease in self-esteem and social acceptance. Thinning hair and spotted balding are enough to bring down even the most optimistic sufferer. However, according to customer reviews, Provillus can relief the stress of losing your hair while at the same time regenerating the body’s ability to grow it back faster and healthier than ever before. The positive results experienced by millions of users have gained the attention of many esteemed doctors who now recommend the use of this natural supplement as a 100% effective hair regrowth treatment.

How to use Provillus

This product has been developed from natural sources only like herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. This is why you can take Provillus as a dietary supplement in one serving (2 capsules) per day with your meal. To regain their ability to grow hair, the cells located under your scalp, more commonly known as follicles, need to be revived and forced to run at maximum capacity. They are responsible for the production of thick, long hairs and without a proper nutrient fueling they will cease their activity and later lead to full baldness.

Because of hormonal differences, men and women tend to absorb nutrients in different ways. This is why Provillus has been developed into two versions, one for each sex, and it is highly recommended that you take the one that suits your gender in order to benefit from stable and consistent hair growth. The main difference between the two products is the amount of minoxidil contained in each of them. This newly discovered substance has been medically proven as the best metabolism booster in terms of hair regeneration. Men’s formula contains 5% minoxidil, while the alternative for women only has 2% of it.

To compensate the hormonal imbalance generated by pregnancy and breastfeeding, which always results in massive hair loss for most ladies, Provillus for women contains a higher percentage of biotin. This is a natural vitamin that encourages hair growth and strengthens its roots, thus preventing its total decay.

What reviews have to say

More than 92% of Provillus users have rated it as an excellent and effective remedy for hair regrowth. Out of this majority, 65% have witnessed satisfying results after just three months of daily intake, while the rest were able to admire brand new inches of hair in little over six months. The treatment has different results in accordance with the patient’s age, diet plan, medical history and genetic heritage.

The good thing about this remedy is that your follicles respond from the first day of treatment and one by one they are brought back to life. Hair growth does not happen overnight, but with Provillus it is easier than ever before to have a healthy metabolism and a thick-hair producing scalp. These are the main benefits of using a product that most reviewers confirmed it to be the easiest method to stop hair loss and drastically reduce the chances of balding.

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