Stress, poor nutrition and numerous health issues are reflected on our appearance. Nails become brittle, our skin color changes and we experience hair loss, as our body is signaling a problem. Improving our overall well-being and following a healthier lifestyle will not always solve the problem. Individuals who deal with baldness must take dietary supplements like Provillus to stimulate growth of hair and restore the beautiful appearance of a scalp full of healthy locks.

Causes of hair loss

Also known as alopecia, hair loss affects both men and women at some point in their existence. It can occur because of several different factors: hormone imbalance, genes, pregnancy, high stress levels, skin conditions and unhealthy dieting, among others. Hair normally grows in stages, but this factor will interfere and disrupt the routine, leading to loss of locks.

These are the hair growing phases: Anagen – the active growth of follicles, it lasts between 2 and 6 years, Catagen – transitional growth, lasting from 2 to 3 weeks and Telogen – which is actually the resting phase and lasts approximately 2-3 months. At the end of the Telogen phase hair falls and the growing cycle will start again in the follicles.

What is Provillus?

Because baldness affects the appearance and self-esteem of individuals, a solution was mandatory. Provillus was developed to treat this problem naturally and assist those affected by hair loss to regain their confidence. This 100% natural supplement contains powerful ingredients that work together to fight against the root cause of baldness and stimulate the regrowth of strands efficiently.

Provillus has two different formulas, for men and for women, thus it addresses their specific needs and restores the looks of a scalp full of healthy locks. The compounds included in this treatment’s composition have the ability to repair follicles, strengthen strands and nourish scalp so new hairs will develop and the effects of alopecia will be combated, regardless of what caused it.

Secrets to regain hair

The hair recovery system actually consists in a combination of dietary pills and topical solution. If the pills function on the inside and block the cause of the problem, the topical solution must be applied on scalp to repair the follicles and stimulate the regrowth of new strands. Both these products are formulated with natural ingredients and they will promote the hair growth desired within only a few months of treatment.

Types of hair loss

As people grow older, the rate of hair growth slows and they experience involutional alopecia. It is actually a natural condition and when it occurs, strands become thinner, fewer and shorter because of aging. But sometimes baldness occurs considerably earlier in men – and even in some women. High levels of Dihydrotestosterone – a type of Testosterone – will trigger androgenic alopecia in individuals with certain genes. As a consequence, follicles will enter in resting phase sooner than normally and, if men experience a receding hair line and end up with an “M” shape over their scalp, women will be affected by a diffuse hair loss over their crown.

Alopecia areata is the type of hair loss that appears in approximately 2% of population, when the immune system attacks the hair roots mistakenly. Follicles enter the Telogen stage, skipping the Catagen and a part of the Anagen phase so strands will fall off the scalp. Although this disease is not contagious, it leads to reduced self-esteem and even depression. Men, women and children are affected by it and even though it appears suddenly, it disappears without a certain treatment or diet. Some patients lose all the hairs on their body (Alopecia Universalis), while some will remain with bald patches on their scalp.

Another type of baldness is Tellogen effluvium, which consists in a temporary hair thinning because the growth cycle is interrupted. More follicles will enter the resting stage at the same time and the baldness will be noticeable. When Trichotillomania occurs, the patient actually suffers from a psychological disorder, thus he or she will pull out their own locks. But the follicles are not affected and strands will grow back again.

Last, but not least, is the scarring alopecia. Caused by skin conditions such as folliculitis, lichen planus, lupus, cellulitis or acne, this type of hair loss is permanent. These diseases cause scars, thus the body does not have the ability to repair it and follicles will be permanently damaged.

How can Provillus help you?

Hair loss is an issue that can result in reduced confidence, anxiety and depression. Both men and women associate the idea of a scalp full of healthy hairs with sex-appeal, hence the loss of locks will make them feel less desirable. The professional team of experts from Ultra Herbal has developed a product that will address to all types of baldness and stimulate the regrowth of new strands in a natural way.

Provillus is a 100% natural supplement that consists in a combination of dietary pills and topical solution. Because men and women have different bodies and necessities, Provillus has two different formulas. The system for men is enriched with plant-derived ingredients that promote the hair regrowth and the women’s formula contains vitamins and minerals that stop what causes the locks to fall and replenish the health of scalp.

This powerful health supplement will stop what causes the hair to fall, rebuild the follicles, nourish the scalp and promote the growth of new locks. The dormant follicles will be revived with the topical solution, while the compounds included in the formula of Provillus pills will strengthen the immune system, increase the blood circulation to the scalp and nourish follicles with the vitamins and minerals required to produce healthy and shiny strands.

Hair loss efficient treatment

Provillus ingredients

Men and women who want to regain the beautiful appearance of a scalp full of healthy hairs must follow the treatment with Provillus Hair Recovery System for 4 to 6 months. The topical solution contains Minoxidil as an active ingredient, which is actually the only FDA approved compound recognized for stopping baldness and encouraging the growth of new hairs.

Many doctors and dermatologists recommend Minoxidil-based products when patients deal with various types of alopecia. This topical solution must be applied directly on the area affected to repair follicles and give them a boost to stimulate their function. Used regularly, for several times a week, Provillus solution will assist the consumers to regain their scalp full of hairs together with their self-esteem. However, patients will obtain maximum results if they use the solution while taking the highly efficient pills.

Provillus capsules for men contain Biotin, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin seed extract, Stinging Nettle, Uva-Ursi, Eleuthero Root and Muira Puama. These purified extracts were obtained from high-quality herbs that work synergistically to fortify the follicles, nourish the scalp and eliminate the signs of hair loss, regardless of caused it.

Women’s formula is obtained with these highly potent ingredients: Magnesium, Biotin, para-Amino Benzoic Acid and Horsetail Silica. These natural compounds address to the specific needs of women, regulate their hormone levels and improve relaxation in the body. Furthermore, stress will be reduced, baldness will be stopped and new hairs will grow back again on women’s head.

Biotin or Vitamin B7 supports the production of keratin, which is the protein that makes up hair. In combination with Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6, this compound will regulate hormone levels and eliminate the negative effects of stress. In addition to this, the development of alopecia will be hindered and follicles will start to produce new strands, even though they have been dormant for several months or more.

How does Provillus work?

Hair revitalizer

Because it is formulated in two different ways and the system was developed especially for men and for women, Provillus works slightly different, accordingly to the gender. But the results desired will be experienced within months and, regardless of what caused the baldness or general thinning of hairs, these effects will soon disappear. Shiny strands will grow healthy again and the consumers will manage to restore their self-esteem after a very short period.

Provillus pills work on the inside, while the topical solution will function on the outside. Because the pills contain essential nutrients for the health of hair, this product will nourish scalp and follicles. Blood flow will be improved in the capillaries located in the head area, Biotin will enhance the strength of hairs and Magnesium and Zinc will accelerate the hair growth rate.

On the other hand, the topical solution will revive the follicles that entered too soon in resting phase. Anagen stage will be activated and follicles will start to produce new hairs, encouraged by the nutrients from pills and by the Minoxidil contained in Provillus solution. Although the results will not appear overnight, strands will slightly grow and in only a few months the scalp will be fuller, thicker and considerably healthier.

In more than 90% of alopecia cases, a combination of genes and hormones is to blame. Baldness is inherited – androgenetic alopecia – and men and women lose the hairs over their crown. Scientists have demonstrated that Dihydrotestosterone plays a major role in alopecia, yet Provillus ingredients can stop the release of this hormone and even prevent the loss of strands.

When Dihydrotestosterone is overly produced in our bodies, it will attach to head follicles and reduce their lifespan. The follicles affected will enter the resting phase then fall off, even though they should have grown for several years. Here is where Provillus solution will interfere: to reduce the release of Dihydrotestosterone, block its effects and promote the regrowth of healthy strands all over scalp.

Used right after the first symptoms of baldness, this natural product will combat the causes of this problem and dismiss it. Beautiful and shiny locks will grow again, but the final effects will appear after approximately 6 months of treatment. Provillus will not function overnight – it is a slow, yet efficient process that will diminish signs of alopecia and restore the confidence within the consumers.

Natural remedies to combat hair loss

Numerous natural ingredients and home-made remedies have the ability to improve the health of scalp and stimulate hair growth efficiently. However, the consumers must be patient and diligent to fulfill their desire until these compounds will eventually work. Some of the most popular products are Aloe Vera, Beetroot, Onion, Amla, Coconut milk and Fenugreek. These ingredients contain considerable amounts of minerals and vitamins that nourish follicles and encourage hair growth.

Compounds such as Ginger, Capsicum and onion stimulate the blood flow in the capillaries, remove the effects of Dihydrotestosterone, repair the follicles affected by this hormone and fight against the conditions that could lead to baldness. As a consequence, new strands will grow and the scalp will be fuller in only several months of applying these remedies.

Patients who want to accomplish the best results must use these home-made remedies and take Provillus system, too. They will fight against alopecia using all weapons: natural pills, powerful ingredients and a topical solution that works wonders. The first signs of the treatment will appear in several weeks after starting it. Yet considering that hair grows approximately 0.5 inches per month, it will take a while until strands will be long and beautiful again.

How to use Provillus

When you notice that your hairline recedes and an increased number of strands fall each day, you ought to do something about it. Dropped hairs are all over, from your pillow to your clothes and in the shower tub, yet a highly efficient treatment like Provillus can combat the cause of baldness and restore the appearance of a hair that will make heads turn.

Provillus will start working even after the first capsules ingested, but the best results appear after 4 to 6 months of treatment. To obtain the effects desired, patients will have to swallow two capsules per day during meals, with a glass full of water. The product will be digested and the active ingredients will soon reach in the blood system, from where the excipients will transport them to the targeted area. If you skip one dose, do not try to compensate it by doubling the dosage. Take the pills as instructed, as soon as you remember, and keep in mind that overdosing can lead to side effects and unwanted results.

Accordingly to manufacturer’s recommendations, Provillus solution must be used on scalp regularly. The follicles will be activated and stimulated to enter the Anagen phase. As a consequence, new strands will start growing and the effects of the treatment will appear shortly. Use the product designated for your gender and apply the solution twice a day. Men will use Minoxidil 5% solution and women will apply the Monoxidil 2% blend on their scalp.

Provillus side effects

Patients who follow their doctor’s recommendations and use Provillus Hair Growth System as instructed will not experience any negative side effects. The natural ingredients work synergistically to block what causes the hair to fall and improve the health of scalp, regardless of what caused it. Hormone levels will be normalized, the production of Dihydrotestosterone will be kept under control and hair roots will be fortified, to produce healthier and more beautiful locks. There were no adverse effects reported and more than 90% of patients were satisfied with the results accomplished with this health supplement.

Consumer reviews

Provillus customers

Because every individual is different, the results can appear sooner or later than patients expect. Based on numerous consumer reviews, their hair started to grow back again after 5 months of using diligently Provillus. However, approximately 10% of patients stated that hair grew on their temples within a couple of months of taking the pills and applying the topical solution twice a day.

Those who did not achieve the results desired actually did not take the treatment as recommended. If you skip several doses and use the products only when you remember, you cannot expect to regain the appearance of a scalp full of healthy strands. However, patients who are not satisfied with Provillus can get their money back due to manufacturer’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to this, the consumers who also lead a healthier lifestyle noticed that locks are more appealing and shinier since they took Provillus. A balanced nutrition and a diet rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients will replenish the overall well-being of patients and remove the possible causes of baldness. Provillus will be better absorbed in the organism and the effects will appear soon after ingesting the first capsules.

Why should you buy Provillus?

When the first signs of baldness announce that you inherited one of your parents, Provillus will bring back hope into your life. This highly efficient hair recovery system will fight against alopecia naturally and its safe ingredients will not cause any unpleasant side effects. Numerous men and women have already used this supplement and they regained their confidence in several months of treatment.

Although the fact that it is available only on the internet, on the official website, might be considered a downside, Provillus offers numerous benefits to those who will follow this treatment. Follicles will enter the Anagen stage again, hormone levels will be regulated and new strands will grow back again on top of the head. Your locks will be healthier and shinier than ever and your self-esteem will become considerably higher. Order now Provillus and defy signs of aging with this powerful hair recovery kit!